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# 1 Let's talk AFK Players
08-22-2012, 12:53 PM
So, it's a long despised issue, and I dare say most Endgame players have seen it at some point or other - so let's talk about solutions!

The Problem
Various events - Fleet Activities, PVP Matches, STFs reward players for taking part in them. This reward is given out regardless of player participation so a player can queue up, sit at the Transwarp gate in PVP three times a day and get 1440 Dilithium.

Similarly in STFs, the player can come in, sit at spawn and do nothing, and as long as the match completes, get their two EDCs and 1100 dilithium.

Personal Rant: Played a Khitomer Accord Space Elite today with a PUG group (yes yes I know, don't PUG...but humour me) where I had two 'genius' level players. The first of which sat on spawn for the first five minutes, and when, out of pure spite, I pulled a Cube onto him RAN AWAY to the other side of the match and AFK'd there instead...and the second who came in and after a few minutes said 'what do I have to do?' and when asked if he'd done the normals said 'I didn't see the need, lesser rewards'.....geez!

Anyway off the rant, let's find a solution - now as I see it we have too main issues here - PVP AFKing where there's a winner, and PVE where it's cooperative.

So take a moment, propose your own solution - one for the competitive PVP, and one for the PVE where it's cooperative...

Competitive PVP
I like a particular idea here, and it's something that tech wise should be relatively simple, introduce a new wrapper mission in addition to the current 'play 3' mission. A second wrapper 'Win 3 PVP Matches'.

This way players who are pretty casual can come in, play three matches have some fun and not worry about winning, get their 1440 and go home.

However it should motivate most players to try and win their matches so they can grab the extra 1440 - and if they only win one that day? That's fine, it can roll onto the next day, or they can play another match, and another...think how the Klingon 'Ship hunter' wrappers work I guess.

Cooperative PVE
This I find a bit harder, the optional objective is clearly designed to encourage players to take part - but as we've discovered in our fleet? The optional loot is generally pretty poor, to the stage where we all shrug if we don't get it and move on with no qualms.

I've got a few thoughts here - first of all introduce a small dilithium reward on the optional that ALL players get, 440 or whatever the 'small' dilithium containers contain. That said, I don't like this - it feels wrong. I think there needs to be some sort of scoring in STFs, perhaps invisible, but enough as to split the missions into 'parts' such as they already are, each player must 'score' a certain number of points in each part - nothing major, take down a couple of drones, resurrect a single player, heal X health points, don't take part in all parts? Don't earn at the end. Again messy - but an idea.

So STO community, let's see what you think - how do we deal with these guys without just hiding in private queues?