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08-22-2012, 01:18 PM
Some options (based on the old AD+D alignment system choose the one that suits you best)

Lawful good option
Simply reduce the reward til its not worth them doing this , a reward that goes down and down as the timer ticks away would do this
Tighter rules for the public good

Neutral Good option
Log out anyone who doesn't move or fire for 30 seconds and bring in someone else
(reseting the timer By a minute each time)

Chaotic good option
Log out yourself that will teach them

Lawful neutral option
Set the missions so if it Fails there is NO reward they pull their weight or it fails

True Neutral option
leave it alone it will find its own balance

Chaotic neutral option
Automatically phase shift afkers into an instance together and pull together the people ACTIVE into one instance (longer clock and lesser number of targets carry over)

Lawful Evil option
Anyone who fails to respawn when downed in ground combat accumulates ALL injurys the rest of the team gets
Anyone further than 100 metres from team at end (and not Dead) gets no reward
anyone who LEAVES the match leaves with a full set of injurys
In space the ship takes the damage
and distance is 50 km

Neutral evil option
Create an AFK instance
sit in it for 30 minutes you get the reward

Chaotic evil option
randomly delete the account of one AFK every hour on the hour