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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Contrary to popular belief, HE is not really required to put out plasma fires on a tank/cruiser. You can have a fire going all day long as long as you have decent resists, the damage will be negligible at best.
Hmmm, sure you can either take HE, an ability that not only ends plasma DoTs, provides huge amounts of heal and resists with high aux power even on ensign level and can also be used on others or use more of your console slots for armor and/or more of your heals on your own than necessary.

Guess what, as tank/healer I'll use HE in conjunction with Aux2SIF and maybe ET. Cruisers never should be only 1 thing, if they are they'll fail horrible. You are not only a tank, you also need some basic heals to throw at your team mates in case of emergency. Same for only healers or only damage dealers.
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