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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post

the point on a timer lets say i go in medium dps my friend insane dps+3 pugs leecher/no dps.

he go to toilet for 2 min the timer says he get kicked afther 1 min, then i am in a stf what will be with him a 100% sucess now a total fail coz the player is not more there who deals alone 2x more dmg then the 3 pugs afkler or whatever so i pay the price + he for?

understand the point?
Well, no I don't understand just about half of what you are trying to say.

I've never been in an STF that couldn't at least complete it with 4 people. Your friend just isn't as awesome as you think he is. You should at least be able to finish it with the rest of your group. It's not fair to everyone else when someone sits at spawn while they do all the work, no matter what the reason is.

So yes, we most definitely need an AFK timer.

So before you join a queue, make sure you can be there for the duration of the mission.