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# 1 The 'Great Free Zen' scam
08-22-2012, 03:12 PM

I am certain that I am not the only person in this situation. I see the 'Do you like free ZEN?' banner and of course I want free Zen! Who does not?! So, I click the banner and click on the first few watch-a-video links that give you 3 Zen. Okay, 3 free Zen is better than NO free Zen, yes? Of course it is! So, I decide to try the other larger Zen deals that give you 60+ Zen for doing surveys, or the other's where you are to submit your information to get the free Zen. After completing several of this, and spending around 45 minutes doing so, I check my Zen on my account and the only Zen there is the Zen earned from watching those videos.

I have given away my information, will inevitably receive HUNDREDS of spam mail, and wasted my time for absolutely nothing. I am forlorn that this company would be associated with such scrupulous business practices, and I will NOT be spending money on ANY services under this business. I consider the hundreds of dollars spent on this game as a lesson learned and will not be spending another dime on this game.