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08-22-2012, 02:17 PM
I'll just copy/paste what I posted in another thread:

I've done 10 Surveys and been paid on 6 of them. Some of the Surveys are sneaky, though. They have questions hidden within them like: "If you're reading this question check box 3." It's designed to make people read all of the questions and not just spam-bot them. If you get that answer incorrect you don't get paid. Many of them also have timers - they how long it takes to go through and answer the questions and if someone does them too quickly it's assumed they didn't read, they just picked random answers. If you do it too quickly, again, you won't get paid. The Surveyors aren't stupid. If they're going to pay PW they want to know they're getting real data.

The best chance to collect on a Survey is to really think about what they're wanting to know as you take it - and don't pick Surveys you have no interest in. If you're not into shoes don't pick a shoe Survey. They odd are very good you won't get paid for it.