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08-22-2012, 05:10 PM
Sorry a healer is helpful, not needed. (For most content)

If I can be a tac captain in an escort specced into threat where I have threat 90% of the time, Yet I can tank what comes at me, and yet rarely die. Then a healer is not needed. Helpful...yes.
Next purchase is to respec outta threat for that toon. lol

Granted Im talking only one thing at a time. Where as the build I listed above is all about taking as much fire from as many enemies as are around. A tank, Not a Tank/Healer. If I'm doing my job right everything in the area is mad at me and ignoring everyone else around. Im the only one that needs to be healed.

I did play Tank/Healer for awhile. A cruiser doesn't mean you gotta be both.

That said I did die once earlier in an STF, where Hazard woulda helped, and as I respawned and headed back to the fight, 2 of the Other team members died. Wouldn't have happened if I was still out there taking it like I was. So Ill prob swap out Tractor II for hazard II.
Having a Tractor at the ready is nice but not as nice as staying in the fight.

Had one game where as Escort kept getting low on Health stealing my threat, And died a few times, Sent him a message and yeah he was specced into threat. Also noticed he wasnt repairing ANY of his damaged systems. Musta had at least 4-5 Stacked up.