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# 1 Going AFK
08-22-2012, 05:46 PM
Hi Captains!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be AFK from the forums for the next week or so -- starting tonight, I'm gone until next Wednesday (8/29) for my lil' and only sister's wedding, and then again from Thursday (8/30) until Sunday (9/2) for PAX Prime (I'll be helping out the Neverwinter team!). If you're going, make sure you stop by and say "hi"!

UPDATE: I'll be back on Tues, 9/4, after the holiday.

Our amazing Community Moderators will be watching over the forums, as will PWE CMs trailturtle and stormshade! They've definitely got you covered

I will be posting the "Star Trek: The Journey" posts each night still, and the mentioned CMs will be getting up plenty of STO news and blogs for you all to check out.

Until next Wednesday, and then the Monday after that, LLAP!


Brandon =/\=

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