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08-22-2012, 06:02 PM
Alright, well there goes that idea!!! I cleared the Java cache completely. Restarted the system. Still nothing with STO. Then I uninstalled the latest version of Java and replace it with the exact same older version my friend has. Restarted the system and still nothing with STO.

Are there any other settings and features you guys can think of that I should be comparing with my friend who's been able to login without a problem????

Really, at this point, I'm about 95% sure that this problem has nothing to do with our respective computers. At this point, I'm also thoroughly convinced that the root of this problem resides either with our respective Internet Service Providers or with Cryptic/PWE and their servers, somehow selectively preventing us from accessing the STO login/update launcher. The notion that our ISPs are to blame seems far-fetched, given that I've got Roadrunner, others here have Verizon, Virgin Media and so forth and so on. Besides, I consulted with my ISP tech service this past Saturday and they gave my connection a clean bill of health. Yet, we all have a common problem in being unable to connect to Cryptic/PWE's launcher and, consequently, their server (or servers).
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