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08-22-2012, 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by kalani2 View Post
And the patch goes to holodeck anyway even though nothing in it is worth the chaos its going to cause.

I can warn all my fleet mates in every way imaginable but I can also guarantee someone will miss the warnings and buy these DOffs off the exchange any way.
I'm going to spend a million fleet credits tonight and dismiss all the doffs I buy with them just to have a massive unrefined ore stash as my personal protest to this shockingly bad, bad idea.

Its going to suck for me because the stupid buy GUI requires a click and two enter key strokes to buy just 1 doff...but eh, its worth it.

Sticking it to the man while simultaneously sticking it to myself. Only Cryptic could do something so stupid as to make this seem like a good use of my time.