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While you are correct I was more refrencing the fact that most cannon ships in Startrek aren't given class designations. In fact in generations lursor refers to the enterprise as a galaxy class battleship. And for the record I do not disagree with there being a battle ship I was just stating that using modern terminology as a refrence was a flawed approach.

I think that currently the odossy comes closest to being a battle ship but the curent limitation isn't really the officer lay out its the weapons. If there were a heavy beam bank or array equipable to only battleship class vessels then it would make more sence. But currently the big guns are only equipable or viable for the smaller ships.
I must concur wholeheartedly with this.

I want a true battlecruiser more than a battleship. I do alright with my Assault Cruiser it's survivable and does decent damage...and therein lies the problem.

She's an assault cruiser without the assault.

I'm saving dilithium for zen so I can buy the Regent. I won't use the Regent skin, but I will use the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher, for the finishing power on broadside.

I would love to have even two Lt Tac slots at this point. That would allow me FAW, BO, TS, and HYT.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing would make my assault cruiser feel more like a boss starship, than a set of Beam Arrays (which due to the inherent characteristics of the class are the optimal weapons to use) that can actually crack another starship's proverbial skull in half.

I'm still relatively new to this game, but I got massacred by a bunch of escorts the other day, in seconds. I was told that when you have that much firepower coming at you there's nothing you can do. I suppose that's true, but it's demoralizing. I could neither tank nor do meaningful damage. And since the vast majority of the iconic designs in this series are cruisers there is something...wrong with that.

As I said I want a battlecruiser. I want decent tanking ability, decent maneuverability, and I want to heavy firepower. Right now the best cruisers have poor maneuverability, good tanking, and decent firepower. It's not gamebreaking if you have a cruiser that is actually a threat.

But I would forgo the ability to turn if my beams could do some real damage.

Never in the series did we see a Bird of Prey shred the shields of the Enterprise. And I understand they can in STO for balance purposes and that's cool. Just give me a way to answer, because in PvP there are many times when you can't kill them before they kill you. And I've never witnessed a nerfed Alpha. It seems to work just fine.

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I do agree the proposed lay out isn't ideal.
what about

commander tac
ltc eng
lt eng
lt sci
ens sci

This gives you the added offensive abilitys you seek but retains the survivability you need.
I do still maintain however that untill there are better weapons oftions there really isn't much point in calling this a battleship.

As I have stated before in order for there to be a rue battleship there needs to be a useable big gun for somthing this slow. Like some kind of heavy beam array or single heavy cannons.
Again agreed. Heavy Beam Array. Bring it to parity. You can even leave the damage advantage to the Quad heavy cannon or the highest level Dual Heavy Cannon. But Beams need more power.
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No I'm saying that a ship that cannot defend itself or it is a threat to enemy is useless. You took an escort build and put it on a imaginary slow big ship and hope it will work...well it won't. You can test it yourself (at least the tanking part) on current cruisers and see how long you will live.

Your problem is, that you constantly try to bend the system to your needs instead adapting to the system. With this attitude, you will never be happy.
Well admittedly the system itself is flawed in that regard. And there is no way to make everyone 100% happy. But better than this is possible.
Yes I support This

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