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Originally Posted by hunterguyver4 View Post
I am relatively new to this game and already am hooked on it like I still am with its predicessor Star Trek Armada 2. I however am wondering 2 things; 1 - has anyone tried to bring the Missouri Class, Yamato, or Ulysses Class ships (from Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy) to STO and 2 - has anyone made their own ships from scratch by kitbashing?
Pretty much what boglejam said, but regarding #2, if by "Kitbashing" you mean "taking parts from one type of ship and sticking them on another to make a new ship", that's not really possible. You can kitbash parts within the given type of ship, but not across classes.

Example: All ship types in the game come with 3 basic "classes" (meaning "skins"). You can get more classes by buying refits, retrofits, and Fleet variants. Class parts can be mixed and matched as you please, so long as the ship type remains the same.

For example, the Assault Cruiser ship type has the Sovereign (Enterprise-E), Noble, and Majestic classes available. You can get the Regent class if you buy the Assault Cruiser Refit, and the Imperial class was once available as a ship skin, but since they don't sell those separately anymore you can only access Imperial parts if you owned it before Season 6. Speculation suggests that Imperial parts will be reintroduced once a Fleet version of the Assault Cruiser goes live.

Anyway, you can put a Sovereign saucer on a Noble hull with Majestic nacelles, or any combination thereof, but you'll never get Galaxy nacelles or Intrepid pylons on there. Those parts are exclusive to the Exploration Cruiser and Long Range Science Vessel, respectively.

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