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Sorry for the bump, but you folks forgot to mention one important detail - they look absolutely amazing. Seperate Orbs of energy tied together by energy beams that orbit one another. When I first saw them I was pretty much


I only got an S one with the Widow Fighter. Are the stats on the normal versions from the capital ships different? Judging from the S version the damage is really a bit on the low side. But with two of them, 3 projectile doffs should produce a respectable rate of fire.
We are only allowed to equip one per ship, for some reason.

Originally Posted by momaw View Post
I'm not sure if anybody mentioned it, but: when you use this weapon with High Yield torpedo abilities, the drain effect changes to 100% chance for -50 drain in weapons and engine for 12 seconds. The normal torpedo is extremely "meh" because of its low damage, long cooldown, and small chance of affecting the target... but when you High Yield it, it is fabulously useful as a control/disable ability.

Though like somebody pointed out, watch out, because you can splash yourself with it. The damage is trivial but that -50 power drain is not fun.
May I ask how many points you have in Flow Capacitors? I have 9 points, and everyone with whom I've tested this reported a drain of 50 on their weapons and engines when using High Yield 3; if Flow Capacitors does not actually affect it, I'm going to ditch those skillpoints.

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