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08-22-2012, 08:31 PM
I agree that AFK players in any game is an issue, I ran into my fair share when I was farming out my sets.

Yes a damage delt counter can be countered when using a macro (be it hardware or software), but adding in a heal counter ontop will tbh not make that much of a difference you can still set follow and just again macro a heal combo so they are still tech AFK but at the very least "active".

IMO adding a reward scale timer would do two things:
1. get people motivated to be better at completing the runs
2. reward those active
3. make it not viable to AFK by removing rewards for said player if there is no activity by the end of the match (including any and all rolls).

The only time a group should have the option to vote for a player to stay when the window comes up if AFK for 2-5min is in a private match in pugs there will not be veto option unless 2 or more have teamed before entering a public queue.
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