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08-22-2012, 09:47 PM
Numerous players have been pushing for a AFK timer, DPS counter or even a scoreboard to reward/identify the highest contributors per map in terms of healing/DPS.

I don't see any logical explanation on why this hasn't been implemented yet, after all there is existing code to log and display in-game performance (PvP maps).

Granted, AFKers seem to be quite rare in my playing timezone (EST) but there is really nothing stopping people from free-loading and high tailing it out of there after receiving loot.

Devs should really take note of these discussions and note that an "honor based" system of bringing adequate gear and not AFKing simply does not work in today's gaming environment.

There should at least be a vote / kick option which is somewhat griefer proof in a way, because all of us do want a 5 man team for the STF but do not wish to have freeloaders or saboteurs along for the ride for obvious reasons.
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