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Originally Posted by buddha1369 View Post
i was getting bored so i got the gal-x about an hour ago and a few things struck me right away. first off, why does it come with standed Mk VIII equipment? that is captain level stuff(i wouldnt use it anyway, but still odd). also, the venture skin, which i understood to be a skin like any other, costs 2500 zen?!?! so the people i have seen with the venture dreadnought spent 5000 zen on one ship? not even the oddy pack costs that much. im so confused
1. Why would you bother using standard equipment on any ship you ever buy past the first one?

2. You're making the foolish assumption that the only thing anyone ever pays for when they buy a C-store ship is the skin. When you buy a Venture you're getting a better Captain level ship that is also an account unlock, plus a special console.

Maybe whoever bought the Venture was a Captain at the time and couldn't use the Gal-X, which is T5. Maybe someone wanted the console. Maybe they wanted a better ship when their toons hit Captain. There are many reasons beyond the skin to buy a ship, so they didn't "spend 5000 zen on one ship". Or maybe they wanted the skin, like I did when I bought a Sao Paolo even though I'm at VA (though I also wanted the quad cannons).

These days buying C-store ships isn't the total rip it once was, because "free" ships besides what you get for your level-up tokens, cost Dilithium now, which costs a LOT of time to farm. Time that might be worth more than the actual cost of zen.

Sure, you could buy the Dilithium you need on the exchange, but at the lowest rates I've seen (180dil = 1Z) a "free" ship will still cost at least 600z.