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08-22-2012, 09:06 PM
As an Engineer I don't agree, But, I got my skills/Boff skills done for this toon, So I'll have to now test to see if that is the magic number. I know with my Tac it was always hard with 6-7 Arrays, So I dropped to 5 and Torps.

But with an Enginner.
My Power only drops below 70 when Fire at will is running and theres many enemies to hit. But with EPS, Nadion, EPTW, etc. I personally don't see it. I suppose I could use the Parser and See the DPS difference of 3 Beams to 7. 5-6, etc.
As it is, Between fire at will barrages Im suiciding into the enemy with Evasive, Tractor and Eject Warp or Vent Theta, so I dont care what my power levels are until I come to full broadside again.

Thats the next step, make sure Im getting as much DPS with this setup.

I did switch out Aux2Damp for RSP, and Tractor II for Hazard II. Plus got the Beam Weapon Doffs. And tossed in a Nurse to see how that works. Hell the Oddy was ridiculous when it came to Losing Crew, that would be a good test for the Nurse. lol