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Originally Posted by velktra View Post
I've triggered her cloak entirely by accident, but I usually just shrug and go "whatever, she'll come back". On normal, she generally cloaks once or twice before you take her down. I haven't tried it on elite yet because I'm still trying to get all the weapons on my escort up to at least MK11 first, MK12 if I can afford them.
Indeed, who cares, just take that hag down and be done with it.

Whether it's done from beyond 5km or at point blank spamming TCD dispersals and warp plasma doesn't matter. Everyone gets their dil, their tech chance and some other loot all the same.

Next thing I know I will see people in KASE warping in to start the mission and go raging on about Donatra. Hello, you want team cohesion you work on breaking the ice and supporting teammates from the get go.

Not stay silent for 15 minutes then rage at people when some minor inconsequential issue goes wrong.

One other thing, what if the team were using fighter carriers or ships that can't get out of the way in time? What do people want to do, rage at them for not 'getting the heck away from Donatra'?

Here's what I do:

Announce "engage at pilots' discretion"
Win the mission
Be surprised that without ordering anyone around, victory is gained in short order.
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