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08-22-2012, 10:06 PM
1. Why would you bother using standard equipment on any ship you ever buy past the first one?
I was never going to use the standard equipment, i just wanted to know why a T5 ship came with captain level equipment. pretty sure i said that

2. You're making the foolish assumption that the only thing anyone ever pays for when they buy a C-store ship is the skin. When you buy a Venture you're getting a better Captain level ship that is also an account unlock, plus a special console.
When you go to the ship talor with the Dreadnought, you get the option to switch to the Venture skin, at a cost of 2500 zen(unless this was a glitch, wiki says it costs 1200 or 1500depending on where you look). For someone who never bought the Exploration Refit(whch apparently unlocks the Venture skin on 3 different ships), to get the Dreadnought with the Venture skin would cost 5000 zen.(or 3700 or 4000)