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Originally Posted by buddha1369 View Post
When you go to the ship talor with the Dreadnought, you get the option to switch to the Venture skin, at a cost of 2500 zen(unless this was a glitch, wiki says it costs 1200 or 1500depending on where you look). For someone who never bought the Exploration Refit(whch apparently unlocks the Venture skin on 3 different ships), to get the Dreadnought with the Venture skin would cost 5000 zen.(or 3700 or 4000)
That's because you're buying the ship as well as the skin. It would also cost me 2000z to use the Thunderchild skin on my Armitage (because I end up buying the Thunderchild Heavy Escort Refit), and 2250z to use the Belfast Interior on my Defiant (because it only comes in the Gamma Quadrant pack).