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Originally Posted by agentexeider View Post
why do people INSIST on flying beam boats, having that many phasers the DPS is the same as firing 3 phasers beam arrays.

the DPS is a Bell Curve folks the Magic number is about 5/6 depending on your build and whether you use a Dual Beam Bank.

Having that many phasers your DPS is crap, I know your Tanking and not DPS but still having the proper weapon set up won't screw your power levels.

Um no . damage is not a bell curve. Increasing the number beam weapons does increase your DPS for each additional weapon. But there are diminishing returns on additional DPS for each additional beam weapon due to increased weapon power drain. The sweet spot is 6 Beam arrays. the 7th and 8th beams additional DPs is really diminised due to the extreme power drain. But 7 and 8 beams will do more DPS then just 6 beams.