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Hey guys I've been following this skill guide here.

I started following it b/c I was sort of lost and it by far had the most votes or "medals" from people who liked the build.

Well I've recently hit Upper Admiral and I have to say I'm confused about a couple things on this build. Up to this point it's been amazing and I've loved it.

My question though is why does it tell me to take Starship Stealth (admiral tier skill) over say Threat control, shield performance or hull plating? That just doesn't make sense to me, for one I've never once used a cloak in the game as Federation. Two this being a tank would not more hull and shield protection be better? Or possibly threat control?

What am I missing here? So far my guy is built EXACTLY like that outline shows, I even have all the correct officers with the correct skills. I have stopped putting skill points into my guy though since I finished out the Commander tier.