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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
leave them the way they are, if you expect perfection from 4 strangers you're an idiot plain and simple. if you continue to pug expecting perfect runs out 4 randoms that's you're problem, not the games. devs don't need to fix something that isn't broken because some people don't have any common sense.

they have enough legit things they need to do besides alter a system that works perfectly fine.

further, i have alts, and tend to make more, all your 'testing' scheme will do is delay me getting into stf's that i already know how to do. not only me i suspect that makes alts. delaying everyone who knows what to do and how to gear because some of you can't make use of the other options.

gear check? pffft, you don't need uber who decides? is it a mark cutoff? someone could come in with rainbow mkxi...completely wrong loadout in all console/boff slots...but all mkxi so that's a fail.

accolade check? you're joking right? have one character sitting at 49 with a grand total of...1650 accolade points. one more run through mirror event they'll be umm yeah, accolade points reeeaally matter >.>

# of runs through normals? they're nothing like elite so also pointless.

the only criteria to bar someone from elite...and it should be any mission is critical injuries. either ship or captain they should be locked out of any missions until they heal themselves. if captain, locked out of ground missions, if ship locked out of space missions. something that should have been implemented anyway imo. with a warning on every map transition that they are critically injured.

you can't test for ability to run an elite from current in game parameters. just like you can't test people who can't seem to get the idea they don't have to pug as this and other threads obviously shows.

there are other options, make use of them, otherwise it's your choice to pug, accept the consequences. wonder how many of you call yourself 'gamers' lol
First of all, my system would work, and would not affeect any of your alts. Half your post is adressed there. As for what I expect from a pug I expect... gear >mkVI common, open chat windows, ra or better ships, people who are willing to listen, and a general competantcy whichh one would expect from a first grader. Too much for me to ask? Dam, that would be a depressing thought...
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