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*USS Dogos Gear*

* Lt. Dorman is trying to get used to the crew of the USS Dogos Gear. Though a certain female officer keeps trying to get his transition to this ship to go smoothly.*

Lt. Dorman: Ensign Fisher... Why are you helping me?

*Fisher turns around bouncy and briskly.* Fisher: Well Lt. your a new person added to the crew. Its not only my job to do this, but I find you interesting and quite cute too.

Dorman: Cute? Hmm.. I am quite amazed that you would say that.. You met me only what a couple hours ago?

Fisher: Lt.. To tell the honest truth I am like you.. I felt something about you.. something that is quite ... soothing. Its a hard to put into words.

*She takes him by the arm and goes into a jeffieres tube.*

Dorman: Ok.. What are you doing...

Fisher: Let me show you..

Dorman: *stares at her barely visible Vulcan features, must be a little Vulcan by the looks of it.* I don't know how to open my mind..

Fisher: Its ok.. Lt.. Just calm yourself and picture me.. . Your mind is distressed about Twimelek.. But please Lt.. try and find some happiness for yourself..

Dorman: *calms himself lightly, trying to calm his thoughts.*

*Suddenly they find themselves in some kind of ethereal plane.. Memories forming and dissipating.*

Fisher: Do you feel it Lt.?

Dorman: * he stands there amazed... feeling her warmth..But not only that he begins to understand her much better.* Yes I know now... I don't really want to leave this place.. Nor you. Your presence her is just soothing and warm..

Fisher: I also see you too. Its tragic... and yet you are still warm, and loving of life. You are sensitive and pointless death just not only angers you but saddens you..

*Their time in this plane stretches like that of time in the real world. but not long passes. They soon break the connection. Both are calm and happy. *

Dorman: Mily... *strokes her cheek* It is too bad that I have to go back to my post.

Fisher: Lt..

Dorman: William... Please call me William when we are alone.. *Kisses her* 2100 ok? Don't forget.

Fisher: I won't William..

* Ready Room*

Derek Ross: *Sitting in his seat resting himself.. he senses warmth and that feeling one feels when one meets their one...* Good job kid..

*Taps his combadge.*

Lt. come into my ready room I have much to speak to you about.

Dorman: Yes sir I am on my way.

Derek Ross: Take your time Lt.