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08-22-2012, 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
First of all, my system would work, and would not affeect any of your alts. Half your post is adressed there. As for what I expect from a pug I expect... gear >mkVI common, open chat windows, ra or better ships, people who are willing to listen, and a general competantcy whichh one would expect from a first grader. Too much for me to ask? Dam, that would be a depressing thought...
the no group with those on your ignore list? that's not a test. well, except your own personal test.

expecting anything from a pug, including gear is stupid...except infected space. would you expect 4 random strangers to be able to fix your car? your PC? your house? let me guess, you just grab random people off the street when you want something done and expect them to be able to do it?

you're expecting things in a game you couldn't get in real life...4 randoms who can do everything YOU expect them to do for you.

simply put, your expectations aren't based on reality...even game reality. yea, you can get a pug that runs flawlessly...but you can also get one that goes fubar in the first minute. welcome to the analogy of the real world...strangers don't always do what you expect or want them to :O

protip? don't pug