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I'm a 500 day vet and have taken the changes to the game in stride and shown enormous patience. The change to Boff ability and cpt power scaling for f2p took some getting used to. For the most part I'm happy with the streamlining of the skill trees.

I do have issues with Eject Warp Plasma being unlocked with an eng skill "engine performance" and scaling with an unrelated sci skill, "particle generators". I swear this ability scaled with engine power prior to F2P and in ignorance I've been treating it as if it has been.
Today I discovered the truth of the matter and I think its ridiculous. It has to be near build breaking to try and fit that skill or that console into an eng/cruiser build. I don't understand the logic in the change and I'd like to see the reason explained and/or the relevant skill(s) reverted or otherwise changed.