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08-23-2012, 04:53 AM
A small update regarding the bug:

Yesterday we've had an unfortunate situation after which we've decided to mute one player. However, I tried to fight the other "mutes" a bit to see if anything changes, and... I managed to unmute all players, at least for a while.

I'm still not sure what's the main issue here. I think it has something to do with how many players are muted, and which/how many of them are currently online. I can only provide my observations so far:

* 2 players muted - couldn't unmute them for about a month, regardless of their online/offline status. I'll call them player A and B for reference.

* 3rd player muted (player C) - somehow managed to unmute them all after some trials, althought 2 of them were currently online. I unmuted the one player that was supposed to be unmuted (player A), but left the other two on purpose.

* Today, the two are still muted, but I was only able to unmute one of them (player B) without issues, while the option didn't work for the other one (player C).

* Tested this by muting a third player (player D), a friend that's taking a long leave anyway. What I've noticed here is that somehow he and player B were... connected. What I mean is when I tried to mute/unmute player B, it did the same for player D. However, muting this third person allowed me finally to unmute player C properly. Sadly, now we're back to the same issue as before, as now when there are just 2 muted players (B and D) I cannot unmute my friend (player D) no matter what I do, yet I'm able to unmute player B just fine (and I don't want to ;p). Also, the two are no longer 'connected' like eariler.

So... it would seem the chat somehow messes up due to how many players are muted, and tends to create relations between them. Like, mute one player so you're able to unmute another, but you cannot unmute the other one unless you mute the next one and so on...

Please forgive me if the explanation seems a bit chaotic. Still, would be great if someone from Cryptic could test this using such relations (i.e. more than 2 muted players with different online/offline status).

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