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08-23-2012, 04:58 AM
I'm speaking about STFs and Fleet Actions only, since I don't do enough PvP to make educated comments on it.

AFK timer - Easily circumvented.

Vote to kick - This would solve a bit of AFKing, but it would open up a whole world of drama and whinging with people abusing the system. You think if you have a part-PuG, with three people who pre-formed a team and then queued, they could kick the other two right as the second gate in KA is about to go boom for example, divide the opt loot between three and then take Donatra themselves. And there are people out there who would do that. There's also the herd mentality to think about. Two complete clowns with no ability/knowledge of how to do the mission think a player who does know what he's doing has made a mistake (he's moved away from the generator without destroying it? Is he mad?) and hit the vote to kick button. Only takes one person to be a sheep and a player is gone.

And even if you limited the kick option so it can only be activated within a certain period after the mission start, then someone only has to participate for 3 minutes or 5 minutes or whatever and then go AFK. Okay, it's better than letting them just enter the system and do nothing, but as Tobar's example demonstrates, and a couple of other anecdotes I've heard about AFKers boasting in chat mid-mission about not helping, people are actually staying at their PCs. They're just not participating. So it's as much griefing as it is laziness or exploiting with some people.

Performance stats - This has potential, but you'd need the requirement to be high enough to ensure a would be AFKer has to participate in a meaningful portion of the mission, but not so high that new players coming into Normal STFs aren't met with a message saying they were too ****e to get a reward. Because quite a lot of players faced with that will just say "sod this" and stop playing the game rather than ponder how they could improve as players. I don't do nearly enough combat parsing or number crunching to know if that's feasible.
It's also hard to quantify things like following correct tactics and crowd control (for all the use it is in this game at the moment).

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