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1. Thing: The Galaxy X doesn't need a universal Lt. BO Slot. It needs the same setting as the Regent Class. Whats the point in allowing a Cruiser to use Heavy Cannons with only one Rapid Fire abillity? Further it doesn't need a 3rd Sci Console. If either - then a Tac or Engi...

2. The Saucer Seperation is complete as we can see in the twitter pics. According to what I have read on the Forums, the reason it isnt live is because it was supposed to be in a Galaxy Ship-Pack, wich caused problems to people who already had either ship (Galaxy X and Galaxy Retrofit)...

3. The Ship needs a visual Overhaul! Ever noticed that the Bridge, and the Phaserlance is asynchron to the center of the saucer?

4. For all you Klingons out there... :-) The Galaxy X Dreadnought Cruiser doesn't need a Battlecloak. The only reason Klingons use/need a cloak is that they are ashamed of thier ships. Thats why the hide them... XD (Not to be meant rude)

Sorry for my bad english.
You know this post made a lot of sense. I am running the Dreadnought and I think it's actually a very well rounded ship. I really care less about a saucer seperation. But I think it should have a lt. commander tac BOFF or Commander tac BOFF and lower the engineering down. I really don't need Aceton Beam but could use either a cannon spread or a higher level cannon rapid fire. That would rule....