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08-23-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
And I thought tribbles and targs were a poor joke...

Cryptic should really consider lowering the price of these useless decorations by half. I imagine it would be better to encourage more fleets to start a cheaper project, rather than discouraging them from even starting the projects to begin with, because of how expensive they are...

KDF also seem like an afterthought. I don't even know what this particular project is - two monitors? Is that it? What happened to the bar decorations so often promoted before Season 6 launch? Will we be gettin them anytime soon(tm)?

Reluctantly my fleet started the Tribbles and Targs, for some few tribble fans that were willing to contribute. This time though... no... we'd rather save our dilithium for other projects. After Tier 2 they get pretty expensive anyways.
It makes perfect sense. Players play so they would win. Not doing the special project, you lose an opportunity. Lose being the magic word. Noone want's to lose. Hence, you fork out the 200k dilithium. Because you are afraid of becoming a loser. This is just a trait we have today, omg, I don't wnat to lose anything. I am entitled to have all, and always win ! And in our desperate search for permawin, we became losers.