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I'll take an escort with an all-cannon rig over something running FaW any day of the week in PvP, and I like to consider myself reasonably knowledgeable and experienced about that subject.
This is where I land as well. I look at folks toting around torpedoes and I just cannot understand their reasoning.

With 4 AP consoles buffing my 4 front AP cannons and my 3 rear AP turrets, I look at my default 1,200 dps from each of my cannons (unbuffed, just the effect of the consoles) and I ponder the sanity of anyone bothering with a torpedo.

As for FaW and Scatter volley.. you won;t catch me with those. You dive into SB24 or Fleet Defense or borg elite missions or really any mission, and three things happen when you use the skills:

1) your dps "appears" to leap up and you scream "WHOOT". I say "appears" because the chances of your hits landing on all targets against unshielded sides is non existant. Grats, you just hit a bunch of shields and by the time you get around to taking down the individual marks, they will have regenerated. Wheee!

2) You piss off a large number of targets

3) you start taking damage and are forced to turn for shield facing, or tuck tail and run out of range to recover.

DPS isn't about how high you can burst for an instant. It''s about how much you can contribute over the duration of a battle, and have the damage actually be relevant

I have all single target focused skills. I eat the shield facing me in no time and I kill that target. My defense are enough that I can take whatever the target wants to throw at me before it is dead (outside of some lucky shots from a tac cube or equivalent). I don't dodge, turn shield facings or run. That means that while you landed 6k for an instant and ran away, i am plugging away at 5k and never stop. In the end I vastly outperform you over the course of the battle.

Being dead = zero DPS
Running away = zero DPS
Turning away for shield facings = 20% DPS

How you play and what skills you choose and how you use them matters just as much as what weapons you have.