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Go to the Foundry. Make a mission where there is one stationary object, a Tac Cube or what have you that does not fire and has no shields- just sits there. Launch the mission and start firing on it. Start the combat logger after you have started your attack. Continue the attack untill you have cycled through all your powers at least twice or three times or untill the cube pops whichever comes first. Stop the combat log mid-fire or immediately when the Cube explodes.

After a few times of doing this with multiple setups, ranges, skill sets, etc. I believe this might be the closest diagnostic of a ship's DPS that you would be able to measure.
This is a suggestion that brings up a pet peeve

This is NOT the way to measure your DPS. This is a way to measure your maximum burst DPS.

DPS happens over the course of an ENTIRE battle. It also includes the time you spend activating buffs and powers. It also includes times you may be forced to turn away from a target. It's the total ability to deliver EFFECTIVE DPS during the battle from start to finish.

What you suggest is perhaps a valid way to compare two different weapon set types to see how they compare to each other, but should never be considered real DPS.