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*Victorious, above Khitomer. Captain's Ready Room*

Ryan: No doubt about it. Someone inside Starfleet let the Khitomer Security arrangements slip to the assassins.

Drake: Then we have a problem. What have you found out?

Ryan: The 62nd MACO Division was pulled off the Conference's security detail, and replaced with the 501st MACO Shock Trooper Division, cutting the Security force in half.

Drake: Go on.

Ryan: 2 days ago, the 501st were reassigned to Admiral Rommel's command. The 501st were also within the same area as Raptor's Perch when your agent was assassinated, and were equipped with the newest MACO Phaser Snipers.

I've called in a few favours, and it looks like Rommel had advised "increased security measures" against "new-types" just after the Northman Event. He also took command of the U.S.S. Bismark 2 days ago and was the one who advised that the 501st replace the 62nd MACO division right before the Conference began.

Drake: If you're correct...

Ryan: Unfortunately, that's just the problem. This is all circumstantial evidence and speculation. I can't go public with this until I have solid evidence linking Rommel to the assassination attempt. Well, I'd better head planetside.

Drake: Why?

Ryan: I've still got to negotiate a trade pact with the Cardassian Union and Solais V. I'm also giving a speech on Deep Space 61's political standing.

Drake: Why wait until now?

Ryan: Because, Starfleet just released the main chamber to investigation branches of the other delegations. While I'm playing diplomat, I can snoop around and look for anyone suspicious.

Drake: Starfleet Intelligence should have recruited you, Captain.

*Camp Khitomer, Chamber 5. Captain Allington presents a speech on DS-61's Political Standing*

Ryan: Because of recent events, DS-61 will remain independent for the foreseeable future. We have negotiated trade agreements with all 4 major Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrant powers, as well as many of the smaller powers of the Alpha Quadrant. We have...

*In a small room overlooking the chamber*
Security Guard: This is Alpha 2-1, I've sighted a MACO 12 O'clock relative of the Captain's position. He's wearing Combat Dress. Looks like a Security Officer.

Security 2 *Over comm.*: I see him. Mission Patch reads "501st Shock Trooper Division". Didn't they leave a few hours ago? Hold on, he's moving. Heading towards the Main Chamber.

Security Guard: Follow him, but don't let him spot you. Hold on. There's a Bolian in Starfleet Dress Uniform making his way through the crowd towards the Captain.

*Ground floor*
Ryan: We, at Deep Space 61, have an "open door" policy. Anyone is welcome so long as they violate no laws during their stay and...

*Listening to earpiece*

Security Guard *Over Comm.*: He's almost to the front of the crowd. Has anyone got eyes on him?

Security 3 *Over Comm.*: I see him! He's... Is that an engineering kit? Oh hell! He's got a phaser! Repeat, Target is armed!

*Allington jumps out of the way just before a phaser beam shoots past him. The security guards manage to hit him with their phasers on stun.*

*Victorious, Brig*

Ryan: Why did you attack me?

Bolian: I know my rights. I don't have to answer any of your questions!

Ryan: Attempting to assassinate the leader of an Independent Galactic Power isn't going to look good on your file Lieutenant.

Bolian: Attempting to bring a man guilty of Treason against the State would though, don't you think?

Ryan: What?

Bolian: 123 Federation Starships destroyed or disabled. Loss of life measured at, at least, 75,000 lives. I think that qualifies as Treason.

Ryan: We were defending ourselves in accordance with Inter-Stellar Law. We didn't fire first!

Bolian: I'm not saying anything else without a lawyer present.

*Captain Allington has the Security Officer activate the cell's Acoustic Dampers*

Ryan: What have we got on that MACO?

Security: We caught him trying to scramble the energy signature from the Assassin's weapon. He's being held planet-side for questioning.

Ryan: ID check?

Security: Definitely 501st MACO division. Apparently, a few stayed behind to accompany one of the Federation Delegates.

Ryan: Who?

Security: Federation Councillor Deallis Faye of Betazed.

Ryan: Where's the Councillor now?

Security: She left 3 minutes after we caught her "Escort" here lifting evidence.

Ryan: Pretty convenient timing, wouldn't you say?

Security: Part of my job description says "Be paranoid" so yeah, definitely. She's involved.

Ryan: Allington to Bridge, set course back for DS-61, Transwarp Speed, and engage.

O'Neil *Over comm.*: Aye, sir. Bridge out.

Ryan: We've done all we can here. *Leaves the Brig*
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