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Rommel sits on the large bridge of the talon. As the crew silently works. He watchs as ross and his small fleet continue to travel unaware of what is going to befall them. He almost feels sorry for the other ships that are with ross but easily puts the emotion away. He knows now that he has one chance if he fails it will all go straight to hell.
*Victorious, Bridge*
Ryan: Why haven't we jumped to Transwarp?

O'Neil: We picked up something on the Tachyon Sweep.

Ryan: Sensor overlay on-screen. *Viewer image replaced with Sensor Readings* Looks like the tachyons hit one of Admiral Ross' escort ships?

O'Neil: That's what we thought, but that contact isn't registering on conventional scans.

Ryan: Odd. Keep an eye on it. Match Speed and put us on a parallel course with Admiral Ross' Group.

Helm: Aye, sir.

Old Wounds - Star Trek: Victorious (A Star Trek Online Fanfic)
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