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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Can SB Doffs be combined - 5 Whites into a Green, 5 Greens into a Blue, etc? And once you combine them can the Greens be used in SB projects? And if you break down a Green into 3 Whites can those DOFFs be used in SB projects?

I didn't do any testing on Tribble, so what I'm basically asking is does the game give you ways to turn essentially free SB DOFFs into regular DOFFS though a process of Combining and Breaking them down?
Well you can grind them allright, but grinding/shredding aint exactly profitable:

5 doffs + 10 dil -> doff shredder -> 3 normal white doffs

IIRC the price for doff pack is 5000 fleet credits. I haven't bought one myself yet, but I assume it's gonna yield 3 white doffs of unknown specialty. 5000 credits is 100 dil or 33 white doffs.

That's the resource cost. There's much larger time cost in it where you have to do very boring things using an abysmal doff interface. Not exactly a pleasure.


What pisses me off is that they look exactly like normal white doffs but lack functionality of white doffs that I consider essential. We're all building starbases aren't we?
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