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08-23-2012, 08:41 AM
I posted a similar thread in the fed shipyard.

So far I have tried:

5 beam arrays and 1 quantum. Ts3, ts2, bo1, tt1
Gravity well3 and tractor beam repulsion 1

2 dual beam banks,,1 quantum fore, three turrets rear.

I am running a tac with Only real issue is power and I run batteries and EPtW to alleviate the issue.

The build is primarily for protection (kang and probes) but isn't too bad offensively when using gw3 for crowd control.

I have been using disruptor and have had good luck with the phased tetryons. Only real issue there is I have not seen any turrets you can mount on the rear weapons mounts.

I think I like the DBBs and turret build, but the beam arrays allow for a more mobile build. I also spec'd my character heavily into particle generators for gw3. After reading another thread, it would also be good to have some skill in graviton generators as well.

Discussion is welcome!