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08-23-2012, 09:43 AM
whaaaaat? i just yesterday bought 40 fleet doffs and 7 i put into a SB better check that before you distribute missinformation.

the only downside, when purchasing them is, that they are either random tactical or security...or operations and engineers and so on.

eventually after filling up my doff roster with the once i couldn't contribute, i go to the acadamy and get greens, which i downgrade again...until the SB assignements are filled or i have no fleet credits left to buy fleet doffs.

don't give me "thats impossible", because i did it yesterday and nearly filled 3 sepperate assignments with doffs worth approximately 130k fleet credits from sepperate toons.

PS: it seems military boxes favour tactical a 7 to 3 ratio...but thats just subjective observation

PPS: one box with one white cost me 500 fleet's the completely random box. However the class specific cost 750 fleet credits and have a 50-50 chance (presumably) to drop either a tactical or a security for a military box.
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