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08-23-2012, 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
Thats great and all, but the entire supposed purpose of the Fleet DOFF vendor was so that people with crazy amounts of fleet credit could have something to spend them on that would actually aid in advancing the fleet projects.
My question was can you convert SB DOFFs into regular DOFFs and then use them in Fleet projects? If you can then that's better then not being able to use them at all.

Of course I'd rather they just give us less SB DOFFs for the FCs rather then make us go through the conversion process, but if it's conversion process or not be able to use them at all I'll deal with the conversion process.

Yes, it sucks that I'll have to convert them - assuming I can. But I can also see it from Cryptic's perspective in that they want people to buy DOFF Packs from the C-Store - so they're going to make it as tedious a process as they can so that people will just pony-up the bucks rather then do the work.