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I just purchased an orb weaver off the exchange and was wondering if any of you captains out there had suggestions for successful builds. I am a sci officer (yes, I know, but I created this one WAY before all the sci powers got nerfed!).

I was thinking about doing a drain build with polaraons... but wondering if the phased tetryon weapons work well with the Weaver.

Just looking for some input from captains more experienced with this one. I have the assimilated console, but none of the STF gear (my experiences with STFs have generally been bad, alas). Any suggestions on consoles/shields/sets that might work well with this ship?

It depends on your captain skills really.

I would suggest:

Cmdr Science: Polarize hull, Tractor Repulsors, Hazard 3, Grav Well 3
Lt Cmdr Engineer: Emg Pwr to Shields 1, Aux to SIF 1, Emg pwr to shields 3
Ensign Science: Tractor beam 1
Ensign Tactical: Tactical Team 1

This gives you the basic tankyness+crowd control setup the ship absolutely needs. Grav well 3 plus repulsors work beautifully with the tholian web console.

You grav well the targets and when they bunched together you pop the web and make sure you end up INSIDE the web with the targets. Once the web is up, the grav well should wear off.. and you can repulsor them into the web itself where the targets will take massive damage the entire duration...until the web collapses for the final blow.

The LT CMDR universal can be your 'situational' slot. You can set up one boff of each type for it.

You can set the sci lt cmdr for team heals or countermeasure support or for dual gravity well cycling.

The tac lt cmdr can be set for damage or for subsystem attack plethora (very effective as support)

The Engineer lt cmdr can be set for team support or self-buffing.

Your ship gear, if you have no access to STF equipment yet should be relatively simple:

Mk 11 or 12 covariant shield with plasma resists. This alone will help you get the STF gear you need. The reason you may be doing badly in STFs is because you dont have that 20% resist.

Engine & Deflector: AEGIS. It gives your ship a 10% def. bonus.

AEGIS is a good novice level set. Completely obsolete by the time you get just one stf gear piece (the faction shield).

You should be gunning for:

Borg Engine and Deflector and console + Faction STF shield.

That combo is the absolute best for defense no matter what ship you in.

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