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Originally Posted by reallydumbpwe View Post
I just purchased an orb weaver off the exchange and was wondering if any of you captains out there had suggestions for successful builds. I am a sci officer (yes, I know, but I created this one WAY before all the sci powers got nerfed!).

I was thinking about doing a drain build with polaraons... but wondering if the phased tetryon weapons work well with the Weaver.

Just looking for some input from captains more experienced with this one. I have the assimilated console, but none of the STF gear (my experiences with STFs have generally been bad, alas). Any suggestions on consoles/shields/sets that might work well with this ship?


If you have the Breen set that is a nice starter as it gives a first rank drain, so it frees up a Sci ability.

The Jemmy set may be a good starter with its nice boost to lolaron damage. You will often run high aux so that boosts the Sweep ability also.

You already have the console. In very short time you can have the rest of the stf gear. Read some guides. Start with the normals. Many of my vids are shot in stf's, mostly cure cause it is first on the list when I open the que.......

But get started. Its easy and you can do it in the gear the ship comes equipped with.

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