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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I agree that transphasics should have a different special ability. Such as a shield healing preventer, for example.
yeah, they tried that. blew up in there faces, so right now the answer is no.

Originally Posted by thissler View Post
You're doing it wrong. Very sadly wrong. The only guy worse so far was Mr DPV guy. Granted BO3 in pve seems sorta lulz, but if you can't get the shields down on stf bosses in very short order there's some other issue. Or are you now going to say you didn't mean that? Sorta curious on that.

And if you in particular have some sort of set up where you can't get past a players shields in PVP well I guess that's YOUR problem. Stop saying everyone else shares your fail.

"laugh while your power levels are drained to zero"....Do you even play STO?

"BO+Quantum combo means you're optimizing for trash kills.
Transphasics optimize for sustained hull dps on tough target ... or: targets where it actually counts."

And what is this crap? If you're going to make **** up, make up some good ****! Some people just like saying stuff. Someday someone will explain to me why that is.

And before you nerd rage into a frenzy. You're reasoning is flawed. You've simply created situations where your solution appears to be the only solution. If you'd like to propose an argument, go ahead. You haven't yet.

Cheers and happy flying!
Aww.. come on This! I was sitting back quirking an eyebrow some at the math that was being done. A bunch of us old timers sat down and did a huge comparison on all the torpedoes...
  • damage ratio's
  • vs type of ship
  • vs the assortment of torps that works best together
  • vs build spec
  • vs equipment/consoles
  • vs which BO power affects which torpedo first in the firing heirarchy
  • vs Rate of Fire (with and without doff)

Yeah we hashed this out a while back team. Boils down to a simple thing.

If it works for you, run with it.

There is no "master" transphasic build, and sorry transphasic torps while do a good amount of damage through a hull are easily countered with 3 different consoles, and 2 BO powers, if you simply do some research and read the info on those powers.

However, they have Definitely been improved and now are on par at least as a good torpedo to have now.

and if you are wondering, I take my torpedo boat out on ELITE STF's and I will draw aggro quickly from the PVE bosses.

Prometheus Class Escort
Front: RF Transphasic, Photon Torpedo, RF Transphasic, TriCobolt Torp (Manual fire only)
Rear: Photon Torpedo, Transphasic Cluster Mine Launcher, Harpeng torpedo

*BO Powers and ship build withheld

You all are on the right track however, just think it through and do not worry so much over damage number v