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Originally Posted by mikefl View Post
I do the exact same thing everyday if I don't have the officers. My partner and I have our own starbase and about 13 alts. I basically do the duty officer recruitments and then when I don't have enough I do fleet doffs... sell what I don't need or upgrade to green and back down. It only costs time really.. .the dil is negligible. You can even get the dil right in the same place from Viala and the lore mission. I don't bother with the speicifc boxes I just do the 500 FC generic... I've gotten security officers I sell and then buy armory officers etc or I get sensors officers which I don'y use and sell for 500k and buy the officers I need... I am never held up by duty officers on projects.

Well, congrats - you just got some time freed up on your daily schedule because you won't be doing that buy-fleet-doffs-use-them-or-sell-them thing anymore.

And before you ask - yes, its working as intended.