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# 1 Mirror Event... C'mon Now!
08-23-2012, 10:40 AM
I honestly am not one to cry 'NERF!!!' and complain, but the Mirror Event is insane...

...with the over use of tractor beams.

Literally every cruiser and battleship has tractor beams and the battleships have repulsors. Even using Omega, when you get ensnared by 6 or more ships, you're free to move but you still take the kinetic damage which basically rips your ship apart instantly, especially if you have a repulsor hitting you as well.

Devs, I'm not saying that the Mirror ships damage should be reduced, or the Stadi should be make weaker or anything like that. I think, however, that maybe you should look at the tractor beams on these ships. Maybe consider making it so they won't all pummel the same ship with them (it gets pointlessly horrific if some schmuck runs off and aggros one or two other groups - I've LITERALLY been killed without a shot hitting me from nothing but tractor beams) a really considering increasing the cool down slightly.

Thank you, and I promise (okay, not promise, but will diligently try my hardest) to never ask for a nerf again.