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This is just a response in general and i'm not adressing the poster i quoted directly (if i do, i'll say so), but since he provided a nice roundup ...

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
This is incorrect in many ways. Yes, I agree the DPS meter is a good tool .. but it ONLY (Again: ONLY) helps you improve your build when used under controlled test situations.
Since STFs are the main testing ground for everyone, a DPS-Meter might as well be used there.
Just for the sake of not over-simplifying anything:
You can have a controlled testing environment, but since it will most likely only be a part of a full STF run, you can't simply take it, add it to you overall result stack and then take the mean value. Each result has to be individually weighted to be of any use in the resulting calculation. Is the target moving. Are (if a bunch of targets exist) some of them obstructed and only pop up occasionally. Are the targets shields down. Has it been debuffed ... etc.
Every single point mentioned affects your DPS. Some more and some less. Some are actually nearly insignificant.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The why is simple: The 'dps meter' program only adds up your damage and divides it over time. All your damage no matter what it was or what it hit.
Abolutely right here.
But again: It totally depends,wether you will actually profit from this tool or not.
If you want to deceive yourself, then fire at an ever regenerating, stationary target. You'll feel great about yourself, but essentially you won't have done f-all.
If a person actually tries to be efficient in an STF chances are high, that the damage depicted in the meter is actually close to the viable damage inflicte (viable as in actually usefull to the fulfillment of the mission and hopefully rather efficient).
A huge deal in achieving this is simple positioning. Position yourself in a way you won't be hitting the gate, but just the spheres in Infected-Space or just the probes and generators in KithomerAccord-Space. That's of course not always possible, but if you don't waste your DPS, then it will show you a more real value, that you can actually use to improve upon yourself.
In conclusion to this:AOE abilities aren't useless (or uselessly over-inflating you DPS), if used with a good firing-position.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
A full cannon ship will significantly outdamage a cannon+torpedo ship ...
I personally can't say that's true. The difference is maybe 5% on what i've seen and that can go both ways. Truth be told i don't really care ... One torp just spices everything up a lot. Cannon boats are just too plain, too streamlined. It's just not fun enough. And i still think getting rid of one DHC in favor of a torp actually helpes you. 12 less power on average consumed is 24% damage you will get more out of your other weapons firing at a different cycle.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Funny thing is 7k dps is actually quite low for an escort.
(ok now i'm adressing the quoted poster directly) Really?
Since the average escort player in STO does around 3k to 4k DPS in a STF this statement is just plain wrong. Maybe you do a lot more, but since you yourself deem the DPS meter a not very useful tool anyway (at least in an STF testing environment) this statement seems a bit out of place.
DPS is actually the value that should be taken, after the fight is done (ideallya less then 15 min period). Each time you die, take into consideration that you do 0 DPS for 15*n seconds and that the meter might restart it's count, affectively not counting your downtime.
If you really are better than the 7k "low" DPS score, then (effectivly) you must be doing over 11k DPS by yourself (sustained), while firing your weapons. I say this, because there is always downtime in a STF. You will always have no firing periods, where you try to reposition yourself or avoid destruction, or what have you. And assuming 7k is low i'm assuming you do a constant of 9k to 11k (or even more).
If you really think 7k is low, go into a random (Elite-STF) PUG and start your meter. Having only your own buff or debuffs at your disposal might prove a challenge.
With a good team on the other hand (buffing each other and applying cumulative debuffs (to your target), more then 7k are probably feasable.

Personally i don't like to die in an STF, cause downtime is always boring. I could substitute some of my BOFF skills (engineering or science) with more DPS enhancing skills or focus more an self-buffs and less on debuffs, but first off i don't want to die and second off, i don't want to be a selfish prick.

BTW (not to brag ) i'm doing 6,5k to 7,5k and mostly only with a good team (for a PUG group at least)

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