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08-23-2012, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by josephkerr View Post
Very nice.

Now when're you gonna fix the other TNG uniforms we paid for? Y'know, where a red uniform gives you a pink collar, the hem-lines have been drawn by the devs kids and the colour doesn't match up to the hem-line under the arm?

See, when I pay money and get that kinda stuff, kinda explains why ya havn't had any out of me for a long while.

It takes way too long for these uniforms to be fixed after people buy them. The AGT uniforms took 7 months to fix some of the original issues with them and they still have issues! Although I don't really want this uniform pack, I will probably buy it. All I'm waiting for to make that decision is... What's currently wrong with it and how bad is it?