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08-23-2012, 11:58 AM
1. do you mean access from your fleet's starbase (probably coming soon), or do you mean access from your ship/inventory (which would make all social hubs obsolete)?

2. pretty much everything that can be crafted can already be bought from the dilithium store - at pretty high prices, but you already got that wish fulfilled.

3. I doubt there'll ever be ships that restrict your choice of weaponary, few people would buy them. You can already use triple fore- and aft-torpedos on pretty much any ship if you want to. Building a working torpedo-boat requires some dedication and knowledge though, or you'll end up with a pretty inefficient build. Still, already possible.

4. Not going to happen. "More consoles" equals "More power", no way around that. While YOU might just use if for some more versatality (which is "more power", too, btw), there's no way to restict people from min-maxing this into uber-powerful. Also, the whole ship system would need revamping as ships would become truly individual and could no longer be treated by class.