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Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
By that logic, we'd just have one massive categroy for the entire forums. Why bother organizing anything at all?

Fair enough, but before you jump ship, let's wait to see what the explanation is. I'd like to see what their reasoning is too. Is it to prevent some sort of exploit? To me, just as most people in this thread, it seems counter-intuitive to the system. If one wants to submit SB Doffs into SB projects, it seems like it would just be paying for SB projects with...

Oh, I see...

I wonder if the profit in Fleet Marks for submitting an SB Doff > The cost in Fleet Marks for buying the SB Doff in the first place. Yes, if so, that would be a major exploit. Any other work-arounds besides disallowing them from use in SB projects? I'd have to think about that...
Hmmmmm I see where you are going there. I deal with people problem, not math, in the real world so I can speak intelligently on this. Won't stop me from speaking to what I do THINK I know though

A single white Fleet Doff costs 500 Fleet Credits

A single Fleet Credit = 1 Dilithium

One Fleet Mark = 50 Fleet Credits

So one Fleet Doff effectively costs 10 Fleet Marks.

When you contribute a non-civillian DOFF you get 150 Fleet Credits which is equal to 3 Fleet Marks.

My Brain hurts... someone else take over please......!!!