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08-23-2012, 12:28 PM
Playing with the uniform in the tailor, I won't be buying this. The only ranks useable on this uniform are the the pips and the Admiral's rank that comes with this uniform. The Admiral's rank pin isn't even different for RALH, RAUH, and VA. The pin specifically looks like an actual Admiral rank specifically which is above the maximum rank of our toons ingame. The gold trim looks like something taken straight off of the Diplomat uniforms and put on this one. It doesn't look like the cheesey glitter it should be.

A lot more work could of went into this! I refuse to buy this until more ranks are available on this costume and across the board! All ranks should work on all costumes in my opinion and this is one of the major slackings of Cryptic's costume designers priorities. Us players deserve much better!