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You could try attack pattern omega or polarize hull?
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Even using Omega, when you get ensnared by 6 or more ships, you're free to move but you still take the kinetic damage which basically rips your ship apart instantly, especially if you have a repulsor hitting you as well.


There CAN be a rather ridiculous number of tractors flying around at one time, considering the sheer numbers of vessels arrayed against you. I actually still find polarize hull to be rather squiffy and not nearly as reliable as AP:O. Doesn't mean I don't advocate its use, but I'm usually unsurprised (albeit incredibly irritated) when im still not moving after popping it. Only other tactic I can suggest is to stay beyond the 5km redzone. Easier said then done I know, but it may be a while before these get toned down. If ever.

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