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08-23-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by kingofhearts888 View Post
So what you are saying is, the playerbase is wrong for wanting these things

Originally Posted by kingofhearts888 View Post
and Cryptic knows whats fun and we dont

I'm saying Cryptic knows how the system for starbases is supposed to work a lot better than we do, since they kinda designed it.

I think rather than leaving broken, exploitable crap in the game like the Nukara Event and the Fleet DOffs, they need to expand the number of ways these things can be approached. For example, add a choice between a dilithium crate or a small fleet mark crate at the end of every story mission you replay. Additionally, reduce the cooldown on the basic recruitment missions for DOffs to help increase the flow of white ones. Finally, mark the damn fleet DOffs to avoid confusion and wasted EC. Boom, problems solved.